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Unlike most people, I believe that I have always known exactly who I am and what I want out of my life. Finding words to describe myself is easy. Trying to explain how they describe me is difficult. Being a dancer from a very young age helped me to understand exactly who I am and how to get what I wanted out of my life. I am a autonomous dreamer with a fiery passion for life.

I am a dreamer. I always have new goals for myself and I rarely think that something is impossible. Believing in myself is a characteristic I have always had. From the first dance class I ever attended to trying out for the track team when I had never willingly run in my life. The dreams I have for myself and my drive to reach them will help me to achieve greatness at Boston University.

I am autonomous. I always have been and always will be. When I was little I always begged my parents to let me stay home alone and loved when they let me make my own dinner. Nine days after graduating high school I left my home in Kansas City to spend the summer in East Hampton, New York. I only knew a handful of people and 1,332 miles from my parents. I consider this experience the experience that sent me into the real world and adulthood. My independence and ability to handle being away from home for long periods of time helped me to help my other friends during my first year of college with their adjustment from being away from home. I would love to help more college students with their adjustment to college, especially at Boston University.

I am fiery. I have a fierce, burning, passion for life and everything around me. I think that passion is the key to success in life. Whenever I start a new project or have a new goal in mind I always become overwhelmed with a fiery passion for whatever it is I am doing. Being passionate about a hobby or goal always helps me to reach my goal faster because of the enthusiasm I have. My fiery personality is my favorite thing about myself. I think that it is the core of everything about me from the way I act, how people perceive me, and my ability to reach for the stars and keep my hopes up the entire journey to them.

I believe these three words describe my personality perfectly. Without my dreams I never would have thought to travel east for school, without my autonomous attitude I could never have the courage to go for what I wanted without the help of others, and finally without my fiery passion for life I would not be where I am today. I believe that all of these characteristics will bring positive energy to the Boston University campus and help me in succeeding at such an incredible institute.

Whether you are a student at a school or if you work in a professional setting, there are sure to be words that are good to use to describe yourself. Here are a few tips to putting together some key words or statements.

If you think back to grade school you will find that whenever you had an essay to write, you were told to brainstorm. Think about yourself from every angle.

  • What are some of the positive personality traits that people have told you about time and again?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What makes you shine at what you do?

These are things that you should ask yourself as you go along.

Do a Self-Assessment

There are plenty ways to do self assessments. There are quizzes online, some of which may also be available from your employer.

  • If you work in an educational or professional arena you may be able to take the color test or another personality-type test. The color test is an indicator of your true work style and personality.

Taking self assessments will better help you with coming up with the perfect descriptive phrases that would better describe you.

Additionally many of these tests give you the catch phrases that you will need.  For example, at the end of your assessment you might see a section entitled “Results.” Under this section you will more than likely see catch phrases that will describe you. For example it might say “[Your Firstname] is great at multi-tasking and words well under pressure.”

You can borrow from these catch phrases in order to get statements that will better describe you.

Interview Friends and Family

What better way to get a great idea of the impressions people have of you than just asking them. Sometimes people you know can definitely tell you things that you do not know about yourself. They can give you good examples of what they see in you. This will be quite helpful in assisting you in accomplishing your goal of capturing the right description of yourself.

Key Words and Statements for a Self-Assessment

Here are a few examples that you can pull from when you are trying to describe yourself. Take a look at the statements to see how they are put together structurally, and then you should see if any apply to your personality. If not, then you should customize the statement so that it better describes you.

  • I am a go-getter, with a proven track record of success.
  • I am task-driven and people oriented.
  • I work well in any environment.
  • I live for a challenge.

If you look at the four statements above, do you see anything that stands out and reminds you of an element of your personality? If not think about your positive qualities again, and start there.

  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Are you efficient at what you do?

These are all things that you should consider.

Sit down and really think through what you want to say. Think long and hard about what you intend to convey. Always remember that there is a fine line between being confident and being conceited. You must learn how to walk that line with ease and professionalism.

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Key Words and Statements that Are Good to Use to Describe Yourself

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Whether you are a student at a school or if you work in a professional setting, there are sure to be words that are good to use to describe yourself. Here are a few tips to putting together some key words or statements.

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