Brackenridge Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement


Passion builds from awareness. My healthcare awareness during school made me passionate about the field of medicine. Working with my father, a physician, I traveled to rural health camps distributing free medicine. I witnessed firsthand, the complex issues involved and how doctors change lives with treatment and patient education. This exposure led me to Medical College where the problem-solving atmosphere in Internal Medicine excited me and sparked my interest to make it my career. Unique to these rotations were the cases from common to obscure and I enjoyed the challenge to correlate symptoms with diseases.  After medical school, my interest in Internal Medicine grew while working for about two years as junior resident. It provided me intellectual challenge and ample patient contact with varied diagnoses that I thoroughly enjoyed treating. I gained diverse clinical experience and exposed to variety of pathologies and patient management systems. These two years demonstrated that Internal Medicine is the career for me and the skills acquired will be useful in any clinical setting.

Arriving in the United States after marriage, and longing for US clinical experience, I completed a cardiology observership in San Antonio along with externships in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at Maricopa Medical Center. Apart from case discussions, I carefully learned how doctor patient relationships are established in history taking and patient education. In my Internal Medicine externship I gained lessons of expected intern duties. Enjoying working with my residents and managing patients, I even worked on my days off. Residents found me dependable and allowed me to manage the patients independently and present their cases in their absence. The things I learned about operating as a team inside a residency with housestaff will lead me to be a productive resident. I also found myself willing to go the extra mile to perform procedures. Discussing cases with attendings in morning rounds, noon conferences and learning the practical aspects of patient care expanded my knowledgebase. During my Gastroenterology externship, I provided consult services and managed patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The hands on clinical experience gained in these externships has prepared me for residency training. In these rotations, I also gained experience working with Spanish speaking patients with the help of translators.

In hopes of directly communicating with Spanish speaking patients, I enrolled in a Spanish course at UCLA and also earned certification by the US Institute of Languages in basic Spanish. My goal is to keep up this learning and become a bilingual internist. I believe in lifetime learning, acquiring new skills while exploring clinical research and advanced technologies. Acting on my drive to perform research, I joined two clinical trials at LAC+USC Medical center and City of Hope's Beckman Research Institute. Abstractions from medical charts, patient surveys and a thorough understanding of clinical research procedures have developed a spirit of enquiry and an interest in future clinical research.

I am aware that an Internal Medicine residency program demands medical ethics, composure, integrity and compassion. My learning experiences and strong loving family so far have inculcated these qualities in me. These qualities continue to be important to me, and reflect in both my family life and work ethics. Armed with prior experience in Internal Medicine clinical settings coupled with my team work attitude, I bring additional productivity to the residency team. I hope to learn, grow intellectually and treat with passion in a program where interns, residents and faculty are eager to teach each other.


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