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  • Writing a CV is no easy task, and there are a great many pitfalls which you will need to avoid.
  • One of the most important elements of writing a CV is the introduction. This is known as the ‘personal statement’.
  • Your personal statement should introduce yourself and your skills to the reader. When applying for paramedic jobs, this is particularly important.
  • Paramedics play an essential role in maintaining the well-being of the general public. They deliver crucial first aid, and are instrumental in keeping individuals alive. Therefore, paramedic employers will only be looking for the very best candidates.
  • If you are writing a CV, you need to do your utmost to perfect your paramedic personal statement, and persuade your employer to read the rest of your application. In this blog, we’ll give 5 tips for writing a winning paramedic personal statement.

5 Top Tips to Consider When Writing Your Personal Statement

Keep it short.

  • When writing a personal statement, one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is that they write too much. Remember that your CV, in its entirety, should be 2 pages maximum.
  • Not only will a lengthy personal statement detract from the quality of the rest of your application, but there is a danger you will bore the reader. You need to put across your qualities in a succinct and efficient manner.
  • Remember that your personal statement is a summary of your qualities. It is not a cover letter. Try to keep your paramedic personal statement to 150 words or less.


Outline your interests.

  • The aim of your paramedic personal statement is to introduce yourself to the reader. Therefore, you need to introduce them to your interests, while keeping them relevant to the job role.
  • For example, you could briefly introduce any key work or voluntary experience in this section, ‘I worked voluntarily with St John’s Ambulance service for 5 years, alongside qualified paramedics’.


Write in first person.

  • Some people prefer to write their CVs in third person, but the danger of this is that you will come across as self-important to the employer.
  • Writing in first person allows you to talk candidly with the employer about your skills and qualities. It is more readable and will make the employer feel as if they have got to know you, rather than a third person individual that you are describing.
  • Look at the difference between the below two statements:

‘John Smith has worked and trained voluntarily alongside qualified paramedics for 2 years. He is interested in medicine and passionate about making a difference.’

‘I have worked and trained voluntarily alongside qualified paramedics for 2 years. I’m interested in medicine, and passionate about making a difference.’

You can see that the second statement has more of an impact on the reader, because it’s personal, and not detached.


Summarise the core competencies.

  • The phrase ‘core competencies’ refers to the job-specific behaviours that candidates for a position will need to demonstrate, both when applying and when employed.
  • For a paramedic, these are: the ability to stay calm in an emergency, the ability to learn new and technical information and the ability to work in pressured situations.
  • You don’t have to describe exactly how you have these competencies, as your CV and Cover Letter should do this for you.
  • Just summarise them, for example, ‘I’m a calm and collected person, who has a passion for medicine. I’m really interested in learning new technical information and have a wealth of experience working in difficult and pressured scenarios.’


Summarise why you want the job.

  • This works best as the closer to your personal statement.
  • In 2 or 3 lines, at the end of your statement, summarise why you want the role.
  • For example, ‘After completing my studies and an extended period of work experience, I’m now looking to take the valuable skills and knowledge that I have picked up, and use it in a professional working environment. I believe I’d make a fantastic addition to any paramedical team.’

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Example Paramedic Personal Statement

I deeply believe that the job paramedics do on a daily basis is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Being a paramedic is one of the most fast-paced and demanding jobs in the business, and they are counted on to care for patients at the most critical moments. The role requires medical expertise as well as the ability to handle large amounts of stress and pressure. On several occasions during my life I have been in an emergency situation where someone close to me has fallen ill, suddenly and unexpectedly. The quick and professional response from the paramedics both impressed and inspired me.

My interest in medicine and healthcare has been with me from a young age. My decision to begin a family delayed my higher education, but at no point did my dream rescind. I am self-motivated, and in recent years I have worked hard in order to improve my education. In 2004 I completed Advanced Certificates in Food Safety and in Health & Safety, fuelled by my desire to have skills which could help safeguard heath. I have also completed several certificates qualifying me in Adult Learner Support. I am currently studying with South Cheshire College, undertaking an ‘Access to Nursing’ qualification, which includes studies of Psychology, Health Related Studies, Study Skills, Life Sciences (Double) and updating my OCN English and Maths. I particularly enjoy the Life Science, which has included ‘Cells and Tissue’, ‘Digestion and Nutrition’, ‘Microbiology’ and currently studying ‘Human Physiology’.

My work experience has left me with many transferable skills which I am confident will help me in the study of paramedic science. I have experience as a sales administrator so I am highly organised, which will ensure my studies are thorough and complete. I have also worked as a Sales Manager and an Operations Manager which not only honed my leadership skills but gave me the opportunity to work dynamically as an integral part of a team. My business experience has also made me a skilled user of computer programmes such as Microsoft Office, and I have a confident presentation manner. My years of work experience have taught me how to maintain a positive and friendly working environment among my workers and colleagues as this is the best method of optimising performance. I believe that teamwork, leadership and decision-making are all essential characteristics for a prospective paramedic and I hope to prove myself worthy by performing to the best of my ability.

In my spare time I am an avid motor-sport fan. I have been involved with the sport since I was 14, starting off as a competitor in go-cart racing. I have gone on to compete in road-rallying and special stage racing, and since 2006 I have been a serious competitor in Rally-cross. I also relish every moment I can spend with my family. I am a single mother of four wonderful children whom encourage me to become the best I can possibly be. I have successfully balanced my family life with full time jobs and studying over the years, so I am used to working under a certain amount of pressure, but I feel I am a strong and capable woman who can rise to meet any challenge. I am full of optimism and the belief in a brighter tomorrow, and I strive to be able to use my skills so that I can help people experience the best of life.

I believe that I have a long list of strong characteristics that will make me an ideal candidate for this course. My years as a single mother have taught me to have a compassionate nature, yet I am quick to make decisions and willing to take a leading role during crisis situations. I have strong communication skills and a calm, reassuring manner which is essential in times of pressure. I am well organised, resilient, adaptable, and incredibly determined to achieve my goals. To be a paramedic has been an ongoing dream in my life and I will stop at nothing to make it come true. I hope one day to combine my motor-sport passion and medical knowledge, and become a motorbike First Response paramedic.

We hope this example Paramedic Personal Statement provides inspiration for your own interesting and unique personal statement for university.

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