Critical Thinking In United States History Review

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Tale of Two Cities Study Guide by Sabrina Justison.

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This year is Modern History for my 10th grader. We will be studying America and the world, so it is time for me to break out one of my favorite curriculum add-ons: Critical Thinking in United States History Series by Critical Thinking Press.



This is a series of 4 workbooks that takes a student from Colonies to the Vietnam War. It looks at history from a critical thinking perspective. Students are guided through a process of examining primary sources (documents, maps, editorial cartoons) and evaluating what they see.

The curriculum helps teens identify:

-unstated assumptions

-values of the writer

-reasoning processes

-information strengths and weaknesses

In my opinion, it is imperative for high schoolers to gain skill in these critical thinking processes. By earning extra history credit and learning how to think at the same time, my kids have really benefited over the years.

This is not a sponsored post. We simply like to share curricula that we like.


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