Daily Homework Is Necessary For Students Essay

toefl.. Many teachers assign homework to students everyday. [#permalink]

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 10 Sep 2011, 06:17

toefl.. Many teachers assign homework to students everyday. Do you think that daily homework is necessay for students?

People say that practice makes a man perfect and, though a heckneyed phrase, I am in complete accord with it. Homework is necessary to understand the complexities of subjects. It helps the learning of students who otherwise tend to put off studies. By homework students complety understand what they studied for a longer period of time.

In an efficient teaching, a teacher explains about the topic and elucidate it by pertinent examples. Students note down and remember the gists of the topic. Although most teachers are smoothly proficient at their subjects, but this is not sufficent. Education, these days, is complex that requires a lot of effort on part of a student. In order to edify themselves about the topic, students also need to do home work. Since by homework they solve the examples or problems by their own so this practice ensures their grip on the given topic or subject.

When students get home after school, some of them play or watch TV, and don't study at all. Consequently they forget about what they have learned at school. The one way to make them study at home, is homework. They know if the didn't get their homework done, they would be punished. Moreover, such students when get home, with their maked diaries, they also suffer the rebuke of their parents. Hence this panelty makes them to study and get good grades.

Some students think that they are intelligent enough to learn lessons at class. This is just a hypothetical idea. Owing to consecutive classes, a student's mind can store only some of the informations and tend to forget it if not recalls it. If I talk about myself, when I was at school I tended to remember 60% of the lecture at the end of the school time. I was only able to understand complete lecture after doing my home work, that is a best way of revision. Hence I averred that homework is not an option to choice, it is a mandatory part of learning.

Teachers should assign daily homework beacause it is important for efficient leaaring that enables students to get good grades than those who don't revise their lesson by homework.

Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

It is human being's nature to do homework. Despite their age, they still do their homework. Not only students, even an actor or a singer need to do homework. In school, almost all teachers give their students homework; it could be on daily basis or a day after another. Some students enjoy doing it while the others do not. So, the question here is, is daily homework necessary for students? Before I proceed, let us look at the meaning of daily homework. Daily homework means task or assignment given every day to students without failure.

In my opinion, daily homework is necessary. I support this because homework could be a platform for students to learn to be responsible. This is because homework given is to be done and submitted within a specific deadline or else they would be suffering from punishments from the teachers. So, students will be able to know the need of being responsible in order to finish up their homework. Plus, students will also learn to prioritize their work. In a day, there might be a few assignments with different deadlines. In this case, students can plan when they would like finish each assignment according to the deadlines. Therefore, it is proved that daily homework could be one of the way for students to be responsible and learn to prioritize they tasks.

Just by listening to lectures in class, one could not grasp everything. In another case, one might not understand when the teacher is teaching. A research conducted says that by listening our mind could grasp only about 20 percent of it. Whereas, when one does something practically, one could understand about 80 percent. This is where homework plays its role. Homework will help promote better understanding among students. In some other cases, students might understand what was taught in class, but most probably by the end of the day they would forget it. Therefore, homework could help them to refresh back what was taught. So, during exams, they need only a little bit of revision. By this way, there would be no more sleepless night and as a result, students could pass their exams with flying colours.

In fact, homework can act as an exercise or practice. For instance, let us take a look at the Mathematics subject. In class, teachers only teach us on the concepts involved in solving mathematical problems. Besides knowing the concepts, students should know the formulas. However, by knowing the concepts and formula alone would not help much. Students should be able to use them or in other words apply them when solving problems. They might learn in school, but how many problems use the same way of solving? Hence, practice is needed to make sure students really understand and know how to solve various questions. Plus, for one to be skillful, he or she needs lots of practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So, rather than seeing homework as assignment needed to be submitted, why not see it as a free practice?

Although homework gives a lot of benefits to students, there is one thing that we need to consider. At times, when all teachers of all subjects give students homework, there comes a worry. This is so as homework consumes time. In order to finish up all the homework in time, students should spend time doing it. If the student is going to spend time completing his or her assignment, then when is the student going to study, do some revision or prepare for the next day? Risk of facing health problem will also increase among students since they have no time to exercise or go for a jog. The long term consequence is youth produced will be inactive and unhealthy. Is this what our country's mission? Obviously no. Therefore, daily homework could also be a burden to students at times.

In short, daily homework is necessary for students although there may be a few disadvantages of it. Looking at the bright side, I believe it will be beneficial to students although they might not realize it. If students try to organize their time properly, then daily homework would not be a problem to them. In fact, teachers should also play a part by limiting the assignment. They should consider themselves being a student with homework not only from them but from other teachers as well. All in all, something could always be useful to someone who knows who to make use of it.

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