Nurse In Romeo And Juliet Essay Assignment

The Character of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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The Character of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet

The Nurse has a very important role in the play, being Juliet’s closest friend and helping her in her illicit relationship with Romeo. Her position in the Capulet household is superior to that of a normal servant. She is very familiar when she talks to Lady Capulet, and at times oversteps the mark. She talks about the daughter she once had and lost, and it is evident that Juliet is like a replacement and the Nurse lavishes all her motherly love and protectiveness on Juliet. She is bossy to the other servants, we see this in the beginning when she gives orders to Peter and bosses him around. She is not very intelligent, and is a fairly simple person,…show more content…

The night before her wedding day, Juliet waits for Romeo with excitement. The Nurse enters the room with the rope ladder that Romeo is to use to climb into Juliet’s room, but throws it down tiredly and sighs “ Ah well a day! He’s dead, he’s dead…we are undone lady”. The Nurse goes on and on, until Juliet thinks that she is talking about Romeo. After she has calmed down, she tells Juliet that Romeo killed Tybalt in a street fight, and tells that Juliet that no man can be trusted. The Nurse begins to feels sorry for herself, saying, “give me some aqua vitae...these grief’s…woes…make me old.” Juliet curses Romeo using insults such as, “bright smoke” and “cold fire”,

Juliet’s anger at the Nurse’s criticism of Romeo shows her loyalty to Romeo, and she quickly overcomes her initial reaction to Tybalt’s death, showing that true love conquers all. Juliet exclaims, “blistered be thy tongue” to the Nurse. With these words, she effectively forgives Romeo, and the strong language she uses are in stark contrast with sweet-tongued Juliet that we have come to know. Again the Nurse’s fantastic ability to be incredibly insensitive shines through in this scene. Being close to Juliet, she should realise that Juliet’s feelings and emotions would be akin to a roller coaster ride at this point in time, and that Juliet needs support and stability. Instead, the Nurse

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Nurse’s Role in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Nurse’s Role in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet a play by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous and loved romantic stories ever. It is a story about two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, whose love was never meant to be. Readers disagree about the characters that are contributors towards the suffering of Romeo and Juliet. One of the most overlooked characters responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s suffering is the Nurse. In William Shakespeare’s book Romeo and Juliet, The Nurse contributes to the suffering because she acts like a messenger between the two, she keeps their marriage a secret and she advises Juliet to marry Paris, after previously helping her marry Romeo.

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The Nurse acting like a messenger, contributed to Romeo and Juliet’s death.

Another reason the Nurse contributes to Romeo and Juliet’s suffering is by keeping Romeo and Juliet’s marriage a secret from Juliet’s parents. During Act 2, in a conversation with Romeo in Friar’s cell she tells Romeo, “Is your man secret? Did you na’er hear say, Two may keep counsel, putting one away?” (2.4.192-193). The Nurse, as a watcher of Juliet, helped her marry Romeo Montague who is the son of Lord Montague, their enemy. She told Romeo that she was going to keep his marriage with Juliet a secret. Instead of keeping this secret she should have notified the Capulet’s because they trusted her enough to let her watch over Juliet. As the parents of Juliet, the Capulets deserved to know about her marriage, instead the Nurse kept it a secret, which led to Lord Capulet arranging a marriage between Juliet and Paris. The Nurse contributed towards Romeo and Juliet’s suffering by keeping their marriage a secret.

Lastly, the Nurse contributes to Romeo and Juliet’s suffering by telling Juliet to marry Paris, after helping her marry Romeo. In Act 3, The Nurse when speaking to an emotional Juliet, who refuses to marry Paris because of her love towards Romeo, tells Juliet, “As Paris hath. Beshrew my very heart. I think

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