Harlem Renaissance Poetry Assignment Grade


·T will begin the INM with a Power Point on the end of Culture in the 1920s (PowerPoint/Key Note – Lesson 7 – Culture and the Harlem Renaissance – The Twentieth Century Way Unit).

·T will have the Ss fill out a graphic organizer while the T interactively lectures the class on the following key points (Graphic Organizer – Lesson 7 – Culture and the Harlem Renaissance – The Twentieth Century Way Unit):

·Culture is everything that surrounds people including, music, writing, and other art forms.

·Culture in the 1920s changed- including the rise of women’s rights, an economic boom, and the Harlem Renaissance

·The Harlem Renaissance was a time where people came to Harlem to write poetry, stories, develop music, and paint all in an attempt to show how unfairly African American were being treated and to bring pride ot the African American community.

·T will have questions laid within the Power Point to check for understanding and make the Ss think at a higher level, and stay engaged.


·Ss will listen to the lecture

·Ss will participate in the lecture

·Ss will answer and ask questions pertaining to the lecture.


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The Harlem Renaissance was a vibrant time that was characterized by innovations in art, literature, music, poetry, and dance. In this unit, students conduct Internet research, work with an interactive Venn diagram tool, and create a museum exhibit that highlights the work of selected artists, musicians, and poets. The goal of this unit is to help students understand the historical context of the Harlem Renaissance and what kind of impact it had on African Americans in the United States. Critical thinking, creativity, and interdisciplinary connections are emphasized.

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  • Venn Diagram: Harlem Renaissance: This online interactive tool allows your students to create a Venn diagram that represents the connections across the art, music, and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance.

  • Harlem Renaissance Websites: An excellent compilation of websites that will encourage your students to explore different aspects of this time period.

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Heller, M.F. (1997). Reading and writing about the environment: Visions of the year 2000. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 40(5), 332-341.

  • Emphasizing connections across curriculum creates powerful learning opportunities that help students find relevance in the content and become more actively engaged in learning.

  • By focusing on the use of thematically based conceptual plans, students are better able to understand relationships and make connections across literary and content-specific discourses.

  • An interdisciplinary curriculum fosters the development of critical and creative thinking through integrated reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.

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