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Students who are at least 18 years old may submit their own videos.

Natural disasters often bring people together, as they undertake rescue operations and work to rebuild their communities. People outside the affected communities usually offer additional support. But what about those that see a disaster as a way to make money? Watch John Stossel's video about "price gouging" and create a 1-3-minute video, arguing for or against laws that prohibit price “gouging" during an emergency. How do such laws affect disaster victims? How do they change the incentives of potential suppliers?

See complete rules and submission information for more details.

This video explores whether kids in the United States are being cheated out of a quality education. American high school students fizzle in international comparisons, placing well behind other countries, even poorer countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, and South Korea. American kids do pretty well when they enter public school, but as time goes on, they do worse. Why? School officials complain that they need more money, but as John Stossel reports, most of the countries that outperform us spend less per student than we do. John looks at the influence of the government's monopoly over the school system, which means that most parents don't get to choose where to send their children. In other countries, choice fosters competition, and competition improves performance. Stossel questions government officials, union leaders, parents and students. He also examines how the educational system can be improved and reports on innovative programs across the country.

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