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How to Write Argumentative Essay on Social Media

Topic actuality

Social media has gained global recognition as a phenomenon that has taken over the internet. Both the young and old can relate to one social media platform or another. Various reactions have been expressed with regard to the necessity and use of social media. While some look at it as platforms that empower users and positively transform the world, others have the mindset that it is counterproductive and will lead to societal disintegration.

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Social media is handy and highly relevant. Employers and employers get to interact on LinkedIn, while news media houses and individuals use Twitter to send and receive news and current information. Facebook is the most widely used social media as it is easy to use and has more users than the other platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+ among others are examples of web 2.0 applications that have enabled users to stay in touch and share various categories of information. The fact that social media applications provide for feedback makes them effective through for instance, “like” buttons, comment and messaging options among others which provide a chance for greater interaction. However, many shortcomings are equally associated with the use of social media, ranging from wastage of time to compromising on privacy. Writing an argumentative essay on social media is easy and enjoyable but it requires a settled, prepared, and confident mind.

How to start argumentative essay on social media

For a student, writing an argumentative essay on social media can be easy as he or she can personally relate to social media applications. Some of the students even document their daily experiences on such media, by posting photos of what they have been up to lately, their current moods or health status among others. It is easier for one to base their essay on a particular social media application that they favor or like the most. The first thing is therefore, to choose one social media platform, such as Facebook, and to base the rest of the essay on it. The other thing to do is select which specific topic they will focus on. For instance, they can pick on “How Facebook Positively Affects Academic Performance” or any other topic, as long as it is specific in nature.

The student then needs to identify specific, relevant professional references or sources that will enable him or her to argue out accordingly. At this stage, the student will be keen to ensure the sources chosen are relevant and relate directly to the topic. In this case, they should relate to how Facebook affects studies. The sources should have been published in the recent few years. References chosen should be touching on both positive and negative aspects of the debate.

How to write body paragraphs for argumentative essay on social media

Based on the topic one has chosen, an argumentative essay always has two sides. The writer has to choose which side to back. For instance, if one is writing on the topic “How Facebook Positively Affects Academic Performance” it is imperative that he or she gives the reasons why they think Facebook has positively influenced their studies. For instance, it has provided the writer with the opportunity to join a group discussing some of the concepts or content to be covered in class. Facebook can also make one to have more friends hence it enhances socialization which makes the individual feel lively. This in effect boosts one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. One can also point to many other reasons which make Facebook a positive part of his academic life. The author has to closely analyze the positives to his side of the argument.

At the same time, author has to realize also that there will be counterarguments to his stand on the issue. For instance, an opponent can insist that although Facebook has positively contributed to positive academic growth, the negatives are also significant and can outweigh the positives. As an example, too much time is used on Facebook every day, with a minimum of 1 0r 2 hours spend on social media daily. This amounts to wastage of time that could have been utilized on research and personal study. Facebook and social media apps also expose an individual to social problems such as stalking. Addiction is one aspect that the writer should also note.

How to conclude argumentative essay on social media

The author should wind up the body of the essay by restating his or her position on the matter. In the case above, the student should point out that despite the negative aspects linked to use of his chosen media application, Facebook in this case, the positives far outweigh the negatives. He needs to collect adequate information to ensure that he can make a convincing argument in support of his chosen side of the debate. Re-emphasizing the benefits or positives will clearly bring out the writer’s stand. It will illustrate the fact that the author does understand both sides of the debate but he backs the side that he believes is more convincing. Chinese speaking students may prefer using this website – https://pandascholar.com/

Outline Sample


  • Choose the topic and explain how common issue mentioned;
  • Thesis statement stating which side of the debate on social media, the writer supports.


  • Explain the merits of the side being supported that is, why social media is helpful or destructive to one’s academic performance;
  • Briefly highlight the refutations or counterarguments.


  • Reaffirm which side one supports.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Social Media

One of the most common projects that seem to take on social media is the argumentative essay. Some people - especially the ones that benefit from it – think that social media is the stepping stone that will lead our world to a better age. Others are of the mindset that social media will turn people against each other.

Admittedly, that can be true, especially with the open communications offered by different social media applications and sites, like comment boxes, messaging options, and even rating systems like “like”, “stars”, and other scoring systems.

Out of all the argumentative essay examples, this might just be the most wide-ranging one yet. Writing an argumentative essay like this can be both fun and harrowing, which is why you may need some tips for structure an argument paper.

Where to Start

Fortunately, students are quite interested in social media, which makes this an easy task when choosing argumentative essay topics. Most of their college experience is documented in social media anyhow. An argumentative essay about social media is expected to focus on issues that matter to the ones who are writing it. It also depends on which social media platform they favor the most.

A majority of users prefer using Facebook, since it is easy to use and has more users than any other platform. Professionals are more used to LinkedIn because it allows them to connect to other people on a formal level. Twitter, on the other hand, is a place where people vent or report mundane occurrences using microblogging. Instagram, a platform for almost everyone, is more visually relatable as well. Lastly, Snapchat is preferred by the younger set, since they tend to be more focused on the present rather than leaving a mark.

The common ground among these platforms is that they are popular and they can all affect us positively and negatively. When talking about social media, students may use these platforms as their argumentative essay examples.

Choosing a Topic

Of course, social media is the main topic, but a student has to choose an angle on how they can pursue it. Essay writing requires interesting titles that can catch people’s attention. Because of that, one must cut it down to the most basic questions.

For example:

  • Social Media Benefits Baby Boomer Generation
    • This is an example of a generalized topic about social media.
  • Instagram and Its Effect on Young Adults
    • This is a more specific take on a certain social media platform.
  • Why Facebook is Becoming a Toxic Forum
    • This focuses on a negative aspect of a social media platform.
  • Why Social Media Will Mold the Minds of the Youth
    • Even as a general example, it shows a focus on a specific demographic.

The job of the student is to argue their point, whether it is positive or negative. In the end, they must build their argumentative essay outline on the topic alone. They cannot deviate from it, which means they cannot discuss anything that is not relevant to the topic they have chosen.

Analyzing the Scope of the Topic

In order to do this, one must study the subject and the information surrounding it. Students may choose to take their sources online, but they also have the option of looking through recently published books on social media.

Because it is such a diverse topic, the student must narrow down their sources to only the references that matter, i.e. the platform, the individuals they will discuss, and the effects that they are about to defend in their essay.

Which side are you on?

In an argumentative essay, there are always two sides. The positive and the negative. There is no set rule as to which this is. It depends on the writer to determine whether or not their view is leaning toward the positive side and vice versa.

When talking about social media, essays usually focus on the harmful effects and the benefits. No matter which side a student chooses, they must be able to gather enough information to make sure that their argument is legitimate.

Study the Patterns

For this part, you will have to identify a problem, which will be considered as the negative side of your essay – the one you will be defending against. With this way of thinking, a student has to gather evidence on why a certain issue is relevant and why it is prevalent.

Apart from that, an argumentative essay does not simply argue a point – it discusses within itself why it is contemplating a topic and why it arrived at that conclusion.

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Tips on How to Write it All Down

Now comes the technical part. Students must follow the proper argumentative essay format or they can find an argumentative essay template that works for them. Once that is covered, it is time to start writing the Social Media Argumentative Essay.

  1. The Introduction

This is where the students explain why they chose their topic and what they aim to achieve. Write down how you ended up choosing this topic and elaborate on why it is important to discuss it. Start by explaining how your topic can benefit the reader. Also, mention the methods you used in gathering and analyzing your data.

  1. Supporting Your Argument

This is where you explain why you believe what you are defending your essay. This includes other elements, such as:

  • Examples
  • Statistics
  • Direct Quotations
  • Personal Take

Using this information, you must be able to prove, without a doubt – or at least with little doubt – that your argument has merit.

  1. Expecting a Refutation

Of course, an argumentative essay needs to have something to argue with. Although it may seem like you are contradicting yourself, you are actually pointing out what other sources are claiming against you and defending your points using your supporting section.

When writing a refutation, explain why your argument is being contradicted and how you propose to counter their thoughts and data. By the end of this, you must have done the same thing with the supporting section, but by using the opposing side’s cache of information.

  1. The Conclusion

This is where the student must round out all of the information they have discussed throughout the whole essay. In this section, they should have been able to prove that their views are right, or at least, leaning towards a more winning conclusion.

Make sure that you summarize your arguments and why it is being contested. Compose a conclusion that is both eloquent and factual. Your argumentative essay must have the final word, or else you may be contradicted during your defense – if there is a request for that from your professor.

Now that you have an idea on how to write a social media argumentative essay, you can start working on it or you can ask for help from SmartPaperHelp.com.

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