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When I was eight years old my life took a turn when, in the class where I was studying appeared a sport teacher who was looking for girls to play in a softball team. I was one of girls selected and I accepted, because there was something new and I took into consideration the possibility of meeting new people and making a lot of friends.

The problem was that I didn’t ask for my parents’ permission when I accepted to practice softball, so they prohibited me to join in the training session . In order to make them, approve my softball training I had to work hard to prove that I could cope with school and sport, and did both very well. In our country there are only six softball teams and we had the opportunity to take part in the European Championship held in Italy.

I consider that it was one of the most interesting experience in my life. Even if I was only eleven years old that championship had a great impact on me. I was determined to turn my hobby into a career and had the desire to study it in the UK, the motherland of this sport.

It’s been ten years since I started playing softball. Now it is part of my life because it allowed me to mature and change my view on life. During these years when I played in different championships I have gained the opportunity to meet different types of human characters and I learned how to socialize with a variety of people.

But some of them made me understand sports in a different way. Michael A. McCabe taught me that sport doesn’t mean only physical effort, it also means dedication, passion, intelligence, the ability to create strategy and think quickly. A special moment was this year at The Romanian Championship when I had the honor to represent my school team as a captain.

I had the responsibility to make sure that my team was always focused on the game and every girl knew her position on the field. Being the captain helped me improve my ability to reduce tensions between individuals, create coalitions and encourage better performance. This year I also applied for a referee course at national level and I would like to go further to an international level.

Being a sport manager doesn’t mean only to be a person who knows how to work with the team’s budgets. The manager has to know how to work with individuals to make them part of the team, how to anticipate what the needs of the team are. In addition, the manager should always motivate the team and encourage them to believe in their strengths even in the moments when everything seems lost.

In my opinion, I am good at doing this because I am confident in my abilities to communicate with people, to express my ideas in a convincing way.

More than once did I prove that I was fully capable of making the best decisions for my team and ensured that they had the best opportunities to continue the game.

In all these years I have had the chance to understand this sport from different perspectives (as a simple player, as the captain of the team and as a trainer assistant, absorbing all the details that refer to strategy and technique). I was also aware of the importance to create special bonds between players and trainers.
Last summer I helped my coach with training the junior team which was an important chance for my work experience. Those three months when I worked with little girls helped me develop my abilities in communication with children.

The interesting part was that when I created the little team because I had to talk with the girls’ parents and convince them based on my experience, gained all over these years , to let their children play this sport.. What really helped me to be open and listen to their fears, and then bring strong arguments was my experience gained during the summer job when I worked in public relation and I had to speak with people and train my communication skills.

Sport is not the only thing I’m interested in. I like literature, old music and when I have time cooking. I usually spend my time with activities meant to help develop my talents and my potential.

During these years I proved that I am serious, hard working, energetic and also eager to accept any challenge, always trying to do new things. I have learned even that it is important to accept a failure as the best way to learn and get better. I have never liked to waste my time so I enjoyed to get involved in school programs and community service.

Being a senior, this year I helped my schoolmates in organizing Prom and we made it be a real success. I discovered in this way that I have good organizing abilities and I really felt proud of what I have achieved. I learned how to make influential people believe in my ideas and support me. Two years ago I got involved in a charity program where we helped the abandoned people. That experience was sad and emotional, but made me appreciate more my family and my friends.

Working with children probably will be a field that will make me feel accomplished but what I really would like to do is to work with big softball teams to manage them, to organize various sports events like international tournaments for softball, baseball, football, hockey, golf, and several other games.

I have never thought I would ever find a place where I can study sports management but University ….…….. represents for me the place where I can develop my abilities in managing teams organizing sports events and persuading people from everywhere how important sport is in our lives. Besides softball is not so popular in Romania and that is why I would like to study Sports Management and Marketing to opportunities to young people in my country to play it.

Michael A McCabe determined me to start the battle between who I am and who I want to be. Now I’m an ambitious girl who loves sports, competing in a correct and fair spirit and team work. In order to win the final battle I need to be part of University ….... because I am willing to study thoroughly and work hard until I l become the manager of an important softball organization, a well prepared person, capable to attract more and more people in this sport.

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