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The Computer is an electronic device that receives input, processes the data and provides outputs in order to provide valid desired results. The Computer has made our lives so easy and is now used in almost every field. The Computer plays a very important role in our life. It can take many decisions so fast which a human takes much time to take those decisions. Computers have changed the way in which we live in our society. Computers are wirelessly linked to a common network and are very useful in sharing many important data. We can finish our daily projects, presentations and other work very easily with the help computers. After all, computers also have some disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of computer discussed:

Advantages of Computer (Pros of Computer)

Different tasks can be easily performed with the help of computers. Computers can perform long calculations just in a fraction of seconds. Computers save our time, cost and efforts in performing various tasks. Banks use computers to manage the accounts of their customers. Organizations also use computers to maintain data about their employees.

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Computers can store huge amount of data. It stores data in digital format. You can also play various types of games on computers. You can also have access to the Internet through computers. You can login to your social media accounts with the help of computers. Computers perform all the tasks with 100% accuracy and that too at high speed.

Computers can work without any error and tiredness. The computer is a versatile device and is very flexible in performing its operations. Computers are reliable machines. Computers can reduce our paper work as all the data can be digitally stored and analyzed through computers. We can share the files and documents easily with so many people at a time. A computer also enhances communication. With the help of computers, online services can be provided to the society to let them live with ease.

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Disadvantages of Computer (Cons of Computer)

The computer has also some disadvantages because of which the society is affected. As many of work in the organization are performed by computers, therefore, the organization does not require human resources which add up to the problem of unemployment. A lot of time and energy is wasted by continuously using computers in activities like playing games etc.

There is a privacy problem with computers as the data can be accessed by some unauthorized person with the help of the network. It has also lead to cyber crimes through online transactions, hacking accounts, using someone’s private data for personal use etc. The health of human beings is also harmed by using computers. It harms our eyes, many neck and back problems etc. the waste part of computers create many toxic elements which affect our environment in a negative manner.

Due to change in technology, the computers we use become obsolete and we, therefore, require new computer each time with updated technology which involves high cost. Computers may suffer from various problems such as not responding which requires restart and waste time and affect our work. Computers are also prone to viruses or hackers can send you spam which contains viruses and can destroy all your data.

A computer does not have its own IQ. We need to give it instructions as it cannot take its own decisions. If the main server of computers breaks down all the system can be destroyed which affect the working of the organization. If your computer suffers from any problem, you require technical people to handle which involves high cost. Setting up a computer involves high cost.


Computer networking is a fast and convenient way to transfer data and make our work load less and perform all the tasks fast. But still, computers have some disadvantages we must be aware of. Therefore use computers in a significant manner.

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Advantages and disadvantages of online examination system

To quote Johan Cruijff, one of the greatest football players ever: "elk voordeel heb zijn nadeel", Dutch for "Every advantage has a disadvantage". This also is true for an online examination system. 

What are the advantages of an online examination?

An online examination system has plenty of advantages: 

  1. It saves paper. 
    You never have to print an exam for your students and hand them out. Saves paper. Saves trees. Everybody happy. 
  2. It saves time. 
    You can setup an exam in such a way that it will auto-grade itself. If you only use multiple choice questions you never have to check an exam again. The online exam system will take care of that hassle. Completly automated. 
  3. It saves more time.
    The distribution of the exam doens't take you any time. Just upload the email addressess of your students and send them an invite. And after the exam they get their result instantly. 
  4. It saves you money.
    You don't need to buy any paper. Sending an email is free. On top of that you save on the logistics: your students don't have to assemble in classroom to take the exam. They can do it within a given time frame from their own device. You don't have to rent a classroom. You don't have to hire someone to check the students taking the exam. 
  5. It saves the student money. 
    Students don't have to travel to a specific location to conduct the exam. So even for students from remote area's it's possible to take the exam. 
  6. It's more secure.
    You can make a big question bank with a lot of questions. Every student gets a random selection from that question bank. So it's of little use to share the questions among the exam takers to give them a head start. Try that on paper ;)

What are the disadvantages of an online examination?

And now for the disadvantages:

  1. You have to keep in mind that your students will take the exam on their own device in their own time with nobody to check up on them, so you have to alter your questions to provide for this situation. You have to ask questions which are not easily to be retrieved from books or the internet. Or you can add a timer to each question so their is no time to search for the answer. 
  2. Open text questions are possible, but they don't auto-grade, so you have to check them yourself.
  3. An online exam system is a little bit more susceptible for fraud. So you have to keep that in mind if you setup your exam. Do you want to share the results immediatly after the result? In that case you can setup a question bank to solve the issue of fraud. Handing out all questions & Answers of a question bank to students is ok. Because they have to learn all the questions & answers by heart. And when they're done they master the material.

Now you know what the advantages and disadvantages are of an online examination, you may want to read more about the difference between a test and an examination.

Why use an online examination system?

There are lots of reasons you want to use an online exam system, but the main reason is the overwelming advantages you get form using such an online exam system instead of the good old fashioned paper exam.

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