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Where to find Business case studies

Harvard Business Review 

A good way to start looking for case studies is browsing the Harvard Business Review.

This resource offers one hypothetical case study per issue and the Library subscribes from issue 1.

Other Library resources

Business Case Studies
This platform offers free case studies by topic and then by company. Topics covered include external environment, finance, marketing, operations, people and strategy.

EBSCOhost Business Source Ultimate
Under Publication Type, select Case Study.

This general database offers some case studies within Business subject areas. You will have to use the option for ‘Advanced Search’, choose a keyword for your topic/ company, select ‘include only content I have access to’ and narrow by ‘Case studies’. This should retrieve quite a few results under ‘Articles/Chapters’, re-sort again on the right hand by selecting ‘Case study’ and it should provide case studies the Library provides access to.

Financial Times
The Library's premium subscription to the FT includes case studies. Using the Search box in the FT’s home page, type in ‘case studies’ in quotation marks, this will retrieve free case studies across various subjects.

Henry Stewart Talks – Business and Management Collection
Online lectures and case studies by experts from commerce, industry and academia covering finance, accounting and economics, global business management, management, leadership and organization, strategy.

Imperial College Business School - Case Centre
This web resource provides access to case studies authored by Imperial College Business School staff. Readers can search for case studies by category (entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, and strategy), as well as specific topics and industries.

Institute of Healthcare Improvement
This is a platform of case studies on healthcare and health management topics provided freely.

Kanopy is an online streaming service that offers a selection of over 26,000 videos including business case studies, as well as documentaries, instructional clips, and feature films.

MarketLine Advantage
MarketLine Advantage is a leading source of market research information. It contains company, country and industry intelligence, with research and data extending across every major marketplace in the world.

Open Access Journal of Business Case Studies
This well reputed resource offers a wide range of free case studies often used in teaching, statistics, analytics and research. It covers topics like accounting, business law, economics, ethics, finance, management, marketing, and related fields.

Free repositories

The New York Times Case Studies

wbcsd - World Business Council for Sustainable Development 
Under CONTENT TYPE, check Case Study.

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