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Coverage: 1919-2014 (Vol. 2, No. 1 - Vol. 96, No. 4)

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ISSN: 00043079

Subjects: Art & Art History, Arts

Collections: Arts & Sciences III Collection, JSTOR Essential Collection

Joe Bender (French; Secondary Field Visual and Environmental Studies).
Mapping the Paris Suburbs On Screen, 1958-2012
Verena Conley [Tom Conley, Robb Moss (VES), Réda Bensmaïa (Brown).]

Taming the Gypsy: How French Romanitcs Recaptured a Past"
Janet Beizer, [Verena Conley,Anne McCall (SUNY Binghamton)]

Laura Connor (Spanish)
Frameworks: The Limits of Perception and Representation in Spanish Narrative
and Painting, 1880-1920
Brad Epps [Luis Fernández Cifuentes, Jordana Mendelson (NYU)]

Paola de Santo (Italian)
(Ne) Habeas corpus: The Body and the Body Politic in the,figures of the Ambassador and the Courtesan in Renaissance Italy
Giuliana Minghelli, [Francesco Erspamer, Katharina Piechocki]

Mary Disalvo (Italian)
Redirecting Neorealism: Italian Auteur-Actress Collaborations of the 1950s and 1960s.
Giuliana Minghelli, [Francesco Erspamer and Millicent Marcus (Yale U.)]

Andrew Gray (Spanish)
Makers and Creators: Human and Divine Artistry in Calderón
Mary Gaylord [Luis Girón Negrón, Christopher Johnson, Ricardo Padrón.]

Rebeca Hey Colon (Spanish)
Sea-ing Words: An Exploration of the Maritime in Contemporary Caribbean and
Latino/a Literature
Doris Sommer [Mariano Siskind, Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé (Fordham U.)]

Rosario Hubert (Dual Track Spanish and Portuguese)
Disorientations. Latin American Fictions of East Asia
Mariano Siskind [David Damrosch, Nicolau Sevcenko, Diana Sorensen]

Nicole Legnani (Spanish)
Love Interest: Figures and Fictions of Venture Capital and the Law in Conquista
Mary Gaylord, [Luis Girón Negron, Luis Cárcamo Huechante (U. Texas-Austin).]

Adam Muri-Rosenthal (Italian)
Residual Visions: Rubbish, Refuse and Marginalia in Italian Cinema from Neorealism
to the Present
Giuliana Minghelli [Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Jeffrey Schnapp]

Maria Piedad Quevedo Alvarado (Spanish)
Epistemología criolla, práctica poética y soberanía simbólica en la Nueva Granada:
El desierto prodigioso y prodigio del desierto de Pedro de Solís y Valenzuela.
José Rabasa [Luis Girón Negrón, Luis Fernando Restrepo (University of Arkansas).]

Paul Politte (Spanish)
Contrapunteo: The Question of “National” Theater in Turn-of-the-Century Argentina
and Mexico
Doris Sommer [Mariano Siskind, Patricia Ybarra (Brown University)]

Natalie Potok Saaris (French)
Refashioning the Novel in the Age of Image Media
Alice Jardine, [Judith Ryan (Comp Lit), Jimena Canales (History of Science)].

Kathryn Rose (French)
Digesting Modernism: Representations of Food and Incorporation in Nineteenth
and Twentieth-Century French Fiction
Janet Beizer [Susan Suleiman, Christie McDonald],

Andres Sanin (Spanish)
Reír o no reír: (meta)humorismo y violencia en la literatura contemporánea de
Colombia y México
Doris Sommer, [Sergio Delgado, Héctor Hoyos (Stanford University).]

Cinthya Torrs Nunez (Dual Track Spanish and Portuguese)
Mapping the Amazon: Territory, Identity, and Modernity in the Literatures of
Peru and Brazil (1900-1930)
Nicolau Sevcenko, [Doris Sommer, José Rabasa]

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