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Fancy dress competitions are a popular activity at school and one of the most exciting events that children look forward to. They eagerly look forward to it as it allows them to live their fantasies by dressing up and acting like their favourite characters. The excitement that builds up in the days leading to the competition is palpable, and increases with each passing day.

Participating in fancy dress competitions helps children develop confidence as they must come on stage and face the audience. It is also an enjoyable activity, with accolades continuing to pour in for a good performance long after the event is over.

Here are a few tips for you to prepare your child for a fancy dress competition.

1. Plan the costume

Plan and prepare well in advance the costume your child should wear. Make sure that the colours and design of the costume effectively represent the character your child is going to portray. It is very important to pay attention to the details of the costume to maintain the authenticity of the character. Also, the costume should be comfortable to wear.

2. Work on make-up

Once you have planned the costume, you need to think about the make-up your child should wear, as make-up is very important to maximise the effect. Choose non-comedogenic make-up and lead-free lipsticks as they are gentle on the sensitive skin of children. If you want to avoid applying make-up on your child’s face, then opt for masks to go with the costume.

3. Make props and accessories yourself

Make the costume yourself (at least as much as you can), if possible, to bring in an element of creativity and add value. For instance, you can design the jewellery to go along with the costume or make the props the character uses. This is also a good way of involving your child in the process and sharpening her arts and craft skills.

4. Plan the performance

Fancy dress competitions are not just about costumes, but also about the way your child carries herself and enacts the character. So, it’s important that you come up with a good idea to help her enliven her character on stage. It could be a song, a dance, a monologue, a short speech or a mimicry. Also, remember that merely coming up with a good script isn’t enough, make your child learn and practise it until she is thorough.

5. Be imaginative and unique, don’t opt for common costumes

Think of innovative and new costume ideas to help your child stand out in the competition. If there is no particular theme for the competition, then you have a greater scope for experimenting with creative ways to dress your child up. Look around your immediate surroundings or watch new TV shows to get ideas. But if the competition centres around a particular theme, then plan accordingly.

6. Have a dress rehearsal

Before your child steps on to the stage, make sure that you do a dress rehearsal at home. This will help your child get used to the costume and move around with it. It will also help you realise how your child feels wearing the dress and how he carries himself. A dress rehearsal has many other benefits as well. It helps you practise how to dress your child up, gives you time to think and improvise, and gives you the opportunity to address any issues early on.

7. Boost your child’s morale and add to his enthusiasm

Build up the excitement in the days before the competition. This will help your child look forward to it and give his best. Try to involve him in every stage of the preparation process, making it an enjoyable affair. This way, he will get to know more about the character and understand what he should do to improve his performance.

Preparing for a fancy dress competition with your child is a great way to spend time together and bring out your creative best. So, give it your best shot.

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Children’s Day celebrations in schools; teachers stage many programmes

PUDUCHERRY: Students of St. Joseph of Cluny Higher Secondary School participated in the Zone II Basketball Inter-school Tournament held at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Uppalam, and won the first place.

S. Swarna Janani and V. Riddhi Varshitaa of Standard VIII participated in the Rotary Pinnacle Quiz conducted by Rotary Cosmos of Puducherry and won the second prize in the middle-school category in the State level. A.J. Oviya of Standard IX and R. Hemalatha of Standard X also participated and won the third prize in the State level.

Children’s Day was celebrated in the school on November 17. The teachers staged many programmes on the occasion. Prizes were distributed to the winners for the best exhibits in the science exhibition conducted in the school — Marie Infanta Levi of Standard V, Angelin of Standard VI, Priscilla Boniface of Standard VII, Pavithra of Standard VIII, R. Geethanjalai of Standard IX, Samyouktha and group of Standard XI A, Sushmitha and group of Standard XI A.

Drawing, rangoli

The school conducted a drawing and rangoli competition for the students of Standard V to VIII in which the following students were selected and awarded prizes on Children’s Day — Drawing competition — Standard V — Kavya Santhakumar won the first prize and S. Saranya won the second prize, Standard VI — Vibha Srinidhi got the first prize and Henitha Raichel came second, Standard VII — Frankline Marie won the first prize and T. Mrithika came second.

Rangoli competition — Standard VIII — E. Priyanka, S. Preethi and Nithya Prabha won the first prize, G. Ranjitha, M. Priyadarshini, K.R. Sri Vidhya came second, Srinithi, P. Swarnaa Mangai and R. Thirumagal came third.

In connection with Children’s Day, a quiz programme was conducted on November 20. Students of Standard XI and XII participated in the programme.

The team of B. Sindhu Ravindra and S. Jagadeeswary of XII and P. Sushmitha and A. Avanthika of XI secured the first prize. The team comprising Nancy Selvarani and C. Vinodhini of Standard XII, Amritha Ghosh and S. Nishanthini of Standard XI came second and team consisting of G. Vidya and L. Monisha of Standard XII, Angeline Mary and Nivya Mathew of Standard XI came third.

The following girls participated in the Children’s Day competitions organised by the Puducherry government and won prizes in the regional level — K. Chandini of Standard VIII won the second prize in Essay Writing (English), S. Keerthipriya of Standard X won the second prize in drawing and Christine Nalini Dassapa of Standard IX came third in elocution (English).

The Rotary Club of Pondicherry Aurocity conducted the Pondicherry-Inter-School National Anthem singing competition on November 7 and the following students won prizes — Junior category: Riddhi Varshitha of Standard VIII won the second prize and received a certificate and cash of Rs.200, senior category: Susmitha of Standard XI won the first prize and was awarded a certificate and cash of Rs.250. Nivya Mathew of Standard XI was given a certificate and consolation prize of Rs.100.

Yoga championship

P. Preethika of Standard VI participated in the 24th Pondicherry State Yoga Sport Championship 2009 held on November 14 and 15 and secured the first prize in both common and special events in the Standard VI age-group category.

The society of Rural and Urban Educational Department conducted a programme for children on Children’s Day in which P. Vaiskali of Standard V won the first prize in elocution, second prize in musical chair, lemon and spoon race.

The students participated in an inter-school competition held at Idaya Arts and Science College on October 31 and won the second prize in quotes from Holy Book, second prize in group song in Tamil, first prize in “just a minute speech” in English and second prize in quiz.

Winner in contest

At Blessed Mother Teresa Model Higher Secondary School, S. Vignesh of Standard VI won the fifth prize among 13 students who participated at the State Level Painting competition on energy conservation organised by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, on November 12. He received a cash prize of Rs.1,000.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14 at the school. It started with a mass presided by Fr. P. Paul Rajkumar, manager of the school, and was followed by an entertainment programme by teachers and staff.

In connection with Children’s Day competitions, kindergarten students of The Study L’ecole International located at Kalapet took part in a fancy dress competition held on November 13. The theme given to pre-KG was fruits and vegetables.

The winners in this category were Pratinav, Rowin and Pratyasha.

The junior KG students came dressed to represent different States. The winners were Dhruv Menon, Tapaswin, Rahul, Praveena and Shiv Pritam. The theme for the senior kindergarten was ‘From around the world’ and the winners in this category were Sree Rakshid, Sneha Binu, Jeyaram, Govind and Pushkar.

An essay-writing competition was held for students in the primary and middle school. The topics were — the importance of English in the present day; My school. The winners were — Standard I — Dharun Ram Sarathy, Lakshmi and Sameeksha, Standard II — Abhimanyu, Anu Ritha and Bob Maxime, Standard III — Shubangi, Nowshafa and Sana, Standard IV — Dhavasri, Tejas and Sidhanth, Standard V — Krithika, Vimal and Pavithran, Standard VI — Tanya Mahalakshmi, Rohan and Saurav, Standard VII — Darshan and Kokhil and Standard VIII — Elizabeth, Joan Kisku and Jay Chris.

Last week, the ‘best out of waste’ competition was held and the prize winners in the middle-school category were Swetha (Standard VI), Bennita (Standard VI) and Sudheesh (Standard VII). In the primary school level, the winners were Deepesh (Standard V), Tanya Cherian (Standard IV) and Karthikeyan (Standard V).

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