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Case study is a “real life report relating to a particular event, over a period of time.” They play a vital role in the deep understanding of an event and facilitate the information pertaining to process of such event. Similarly, case studies on social media and marketing brands brings out the creativity and innovation. Brands from all sectors have been actively creating strategies to promote their campaigns through social media.

The last 5 years has been fantastic in the Indian Social Media landscape. The growth was not just seen in the usage of Social Networking sites, there was a massive interest shown by a lot of Indian brands on this platform. In no particular order here is the list of few brands whose case studies have been described in their blogs / website / nominated for award / written by blogger / analyzed by social media enthusiast.

1 Gionee India

The launch of Gionee E7 was one of the most unique launches in India. The product was launched at Buddha International Circuit, a recently built premium F1 Racing track. With hashtags #GioneeE7, #MadeForShooting and #RaceWithGionee, it was able to create a buzz on social media. With an incredible opportunity for participants to win a chance to witness the launch event, the Campaign received overwhelming response and was a great success. [Read More]


With the campaign “Look Up” and a logo projecting the same, the brand underwent change with new logo and an optimistic brand identity. The brand generated responses with #lookupmoments where people shared their pictures and kept up the momentum. [Read More]

3. Vogue

Vogue, a leading magazine brand teamed up with Bollywood’s popular face Deepika Padukone for a social media awareness campaign. Vogue’s #MyChoice and #VogueEmpower speaks about Women’s choice for equality. A two minute short film featuring Deepika and Homi Adajania created massive following and received words of appreciation from Amitabh Bachchan. [Read More]

4. Star Sports

For the Star Sports’ ICC Event promotions, the Sports Channel brand known for its quirky take in its ad campaigns brought on board the “Mauka Guy” who dons opposition’s jersey (against India) with every match. The back to back witty ads built buzz for the campaign on social networks. [Read More]

5. Tata Motors

Tata Motors’ hatchback Bolt was launched in a very unique influencer based campaign. Four social media influencers with huge following competed in a reality based event. The influencers needed to get a digital bolt key to their locked glass cubicles by creating maximum digital buzz. The winner took home the new bolt and his followers won prizes too. [Read More]

 6. Fevikwik

A smart advertisement campaign launched by Fevikwik when the sentiments of Indians were all time high during an India-Pakistan fixture. The #TodoNahiJodo campaign though not done on a larger scale, still managed to be talked about campaign during the period. [Read More]


Cashvenger, digital mascot of ICICI’s #LiveWithoutCash campaign, and the protagonist who teaches youth about the benefits of Debit and Credit Cards. The campaign for focused on six plans for youth to go online and cashless with the help of credit and debit cards. It also included a series of digital creative images posted on social media. [Read More]

8. Paytm

Online Digital Wallet and Marketplace Paytm have launched many successful campaigns. “Seal of Trust” and #PaytmKaro were successful. The concept of cash backs, partnering with all the operators, brands and dedicated 24×7 Customer Support gave it a great push ahead of other rivals. [Read More]

9. Chumbak

The launch of Chumbak’s Delhi Store was done with a quirky campaign. The #bobbymissingcampaign was staged in a series of edited pictures where bobby was seen at different places and finally reached Delhi. Bobby being a popular character from their bobble heads was able to create a good following and yet another successful campaign for Chumbak. [Read More] 10. Ariel

Ariel, detergent brand from P&G in a smart campaign raised question about gender equality. The campaign kicked off with the question “Is laundry only a woman’s job?” and sensitised men to #ShareTheLoad. Later in the second phase it launched a men’s selfie campaign #WashBucketChallenge where men submitted their picture doing washing chores. [Read More]

11. Why this Kolaveri Di – Youtube Case Study – How it became a Overnight sensation.  (Read Case Study)

12. How Facebook Applications are used by brands – Technology based Social Media engagement campaign. (Review of 4 Apps) 

13. Adidas on Facebook – Cricket based Social Media marketing case study (Read Case Study)

14. Axe – Facebook Marketing Case Study (Read Case Study)

15. Asian Paints  – Tag a Holi Friend Campaign on Facebook (Read Case Study)

16. HDFC Bank on Social Media – How they listen customers on Twitter (Read Case Study)

17. Kingfisher Beerup – How Kingfisher Beer organizes Tweetups and helps promote brand value   (Read Case Study)

18. The Tweeting Newspaper – Volkswagen – Fair integration of Traditional and Social Media  (Read Case Study) | How volkswagen uses Social Media using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube (Read Case Study)

19. Listening on Social Media – Snapdeal.Com | How poor advertising leads to bad online reputation  (Read Case Study)

20. Evalueserve – Using LinkedIn for lead generation and brand building (Read Case Study)

21. Volkswagen India Campaign Inspires 2,700 Recommendations in 4 Weeks on LinkedIn (Read Case Study)

22. Dance India Dance-2- How engagements were created on Social Media for the popular TV show- Social Media Case Study (Read Case Study)

23. How Anna Hazare Used Social Media for Anti Corruption Campaign in India  (Read Case Study)

24. MTV roadies- complete Social Media integration – The most explosive youth brand in the country (Read Case Study)

25. How unbranded community on Facebook works out- Shari Academy of Photography Case Study (Read Case Study)

26. How Nando’s Peri-Peri Discount Offer worked out On Facebook (Read Case Study)

27. Channel V Using Twitter to create buzz around the relaunch of channel[V] (Read Case Study)

28. IPL multiplied with the power of social media with spectators worldwide- YouTube case study (Read Case Study)

29    Maggi Noodles India : Social Media Marketing Efforts (

30. How JustBooks Clc uses Facebook to connect with their target audience by creating memory games. (Read Case Study)

31. 7UP Lemon Pattalam – Facebook Marketing Case Study (Read Case Study)

32. Hard Rock Cafe Battle Of The Bands Facebook Voting (Read Case Study)

33. How Indian Magazines are using social media |Mentioned: Vogue India | Forbes India (Read Case Study)

34. How health care sector in India Use Social Media – Case Study of Narayana Netralaya (Read Case Study)

35. Ching’s Secret – The most popular Indian Social Media brand (Read Case Study)

The social media scene in India has begun to gain interest of youth where they choose to express themselves, communicate and respond to their favourite brands. The interaction has caught the attention of brands and such campaigns are slowly becoming the future of Digital Marketing. Do share your favourite campaigns in the comments below.

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Eleven hours of media consumption in eight hours of time. 

"This is not a creative endeavour; it is a race for attention." This is how Jez Nelson, the chief executive of Somethin’ Else, describes the content development and audience generating business he’s in. It is a good description of the business we are all in and a crucial bit of understanding given Ofcom’s insight about UK media consumption. 

If you’ve been in any kind of presentation recently you’ve probably seen a chart that says attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds, or in other words that we have less focus than a goldfish. 

Whether attention span is significantly falling off a cliff or not is to my mind questionable. When there’s great stuff to watch, listen to or read there really isn’t an attention span problem. The Harry Potter franchise got more kids reading than ever, and reading long, long books with no pictures, no sound, no moving images. At the showing of Black Panther that I attended in my local cinema last week you didn’t see anyone getting a bit bored after eight or 12 seconds and looking at something else. Rather there was a full house with a rapt audience who didn’t even move as the credits rolled, and most of them were there for the preview (spoiler alert) of the next Avengers movie right at the end. 

The truth is an economic one. There is more choice this century in terms of quality content than there ever has been. Consumers are at the equivalent of the best buffet you can ever imagine.  

You know what it’s like if you face a really good spread at an event, where you want a bit of everything but you also either can’t eat it all or even fit it all on a normal sized plate. You’re wearing your best outfit, it’s not designed for big eating, but you want to try it all! That’s what content providers are now doing – throwing the best ever buffet of content. And the audience knows it. So they try one thing, and if it doesn’t satisfy they switch to something else. Fast.  

It is a race for their attention.  

Thanks to multi-tasking and stacking behaviour, in a typical day we squeeze 10 hours 52 minutes of media and communications into the 8 hours 45 minutes of time actually spent with media (Ofcom). There seems to be no slowing in this wave of content production and consumption; users upload more than 400 hours of video to YouTube every minute and Instagrammers post more than 80 million photos daily. People are over stimulated. Which means to really cut through to the consumer a brand’s communications have to stand out.  

The crucial question to ask is if any work is just that, how does it stand out? This is a different question to whether the work is logical and data driven, or even any good. Frankly you might be better off being the funny and irreverent piece of content if your environment is made up of meaningful, moving and serious work. A brand that is famous for shouting about price might be the brand that gets remembered in a stream of ads that talk about feelings and emotions. Or a brand that creates real meaning for the consumer will stand out in an environment that otherwise looks and feels commercial. 

It’s a race for attention, not a creativity contest. You can’t demand attention ever again. You have to earn it. Second by second.

Sue Unerman is the chief transformation officer of MediaCom

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