Hius 221 Reading Quiz 1 Essays

HIUS 221: SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY I REVIEW SHEET – FINAL EXAM The final exam will be somewhat different from the previous three exams. It is worth 200 points. There will be thirty multiple choice items worth two points each (60 points total), five fill-in-the-blank items worth three points each (15 points total), a short answer question on President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address worth 10 points, and one essay worth 25 points (pick from three). Note that these sections of the exam will cover ONLY the material addressed in class since Exam Three. There will be an additional essay question worth 90 points which will address a major issue in American history that will require you to analyze information from the earlier sections of the course. The following are terms that could appear on the exam as multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank items: Filibusters Bleeding Kansas Stephen F. Austin Dred Scott Case Law of April 6, 1830 John Brown Santa Anna Harper’s Ferry Raid Sam Houston

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